Couchbase 4.0 community huge delay returning result with "full ejection" set


Strange problem:

  1. Couchbase Community edition, 4.0
  2. Java, calling async as:
    b.counter(id, delta, init, expiry)
    I have very strange behavoir:
  3. if “value ejection” set for bucket, all works fine always
  4. if “full ejection” set for bucket, it can delay returned result for minutes(1…10), but at last it returns with “DocumentDoesNotExists” Exception via onError(), but this exception is not even described for counter() call.


  • tried java bundles: (rxjava-1.0.17, java-client-2.2.5/core-io-1.2.5, rxjava-1.0.17, java-client-2.2.6/core-io-1.2.7, rxjava-1.1,2, java-client-2.2.6/core-io-1.2.7) - nothing changes
  • drives used are SSD (but virtual), so i suppose(!) there is no problem
  • no any external CPU load, just tests

Q: Has anybody seen problem like this ?

Java SDK Counter Bug

It looks like you’re hitting MB-17231 which will be fixed in an impending release of Couchbase Server.

The workaround for now (until there is a release which fixes this issue) is to use ‘value eviction’.


Yep, Matt, I think you are right, thank you.
Do you know, is there any information for 4.1.1 to be released as CE ?
As i see from , there is no information about “CE/not CE” and date also not set.