Couchbase 4.0 usable free space not filling



The bar disk overview on couchbase is not being filled.
The “free space” is not being update, but the “in use” is.

Any ideias on this?



I assume you have data in these directories and you expect some usage beyond 30GB (which is what’s reported as in use out of the 12 TB total). is that right?

If you are certain the information in wrong on the page in question, can you check 2 things;

  • Do you see the same location for each node under the server nodes tab being used for storage (…/var/lib/data)
  • Are you also seeing this bar not filled up empty in server nodes or under buckets?


Yes the location is the same for each node.
The bars were all empty even in the buckets.
After restart everything is back to normal.
All bars are being filled and with correct information.

Can’t imagine why this happen.
Thanks anyway.