Couchbase 4 community edition XDCR reliability


we are thinking of upgrading from Couchbase 3 to Couchbase 4.
I know that some departments in my company have had problems with XDCR using the Couchbase 3 Community Edition. The only detail I know that sometimes XDCR “was stuck” and had to be triggered manually and that this problem had been fixed in EE but never in CE.
So my question now is - how reliable is XDCR in Couchbase 4 looking at the two different editions. Is XDCR really the same on the two versions?

Another thing: On the item “Multi-dimensional scaling and independent scalability” is listed as being EE only. Is there a more in-depth explanation about it?


Sebastian, Do you know if anyone from your company has engaged with us (any JIRA issues? or forum posts?) on the problem with XDCR in 3.0 version? It will be good for us to understand what exactly is the issue.

On the Multi-Dimensional Scaling you can learn more here -