Couchbase Analytics - Questions


I have been playing with Couchbase Analytics using SQL++ ( Installed Using Docker). I’m facing couple of issues:
1- I used this command : connect bucket MusicDB with { “password”: “” }; and I got the following error:
“msg”: “Unauthorized (bucket/password invalid) - please check credentials!”. So for each bucket, there should be a password associated with it? how can I make it passwordless ? I tried to use admin password but with no luck
2- I want to create a shadow dataset on some predefined bucket. However, for instance I got this error:
“msg”: “Shadow can’t be created because Bucket beerBucket is in connected state.” The question is how I can stop the connection to the bucket and be able to create a shadow dataset again.


Hi @rana.bigad,

  1. When creating a bucket in Couchbase Server you can set a bucket password in the “Access Control” section of the dialog. This is the password that is required to connect to the bucket.

  2. You can CONNECT and DISCONNECT a bucket to start and stop shadowing for all datasets on that bucket.

     DISCONNECT BUCKET beerBucket;

    should do that for you. Once you’ve created your dataset on beerBucket you need to connect beerBucket again to restart shadowing. The whole DDL is available in the online docs.

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Thanks @till!

I did set the password for the bucket for instance, I have the bucket “testB” and the password is “123” . Then, I did the following:
cbq> create bucket testBU with { “bucket”: “testB”, “nodes”: “” };
cbq> create shadow dataset test on testBU;
cbq> connect bucket testBU with { “password”: “123” };

However, I got the same error “Unauthorized (bucket/password invalid) - please check credentials!”.
Then, I tried :
cbq> connect bucket testBU with { “password”: 123 };

and the same error appeared.


Hi @rana.bigad,

Just tried this locally by creating a testB bucket with the password 123 and pasting your statements.
That seemed to work.
One difference in what I did was to use used the workbench on http://localhost:8095/ instead of cbq.
Could you try that?
Also, I might have a different version of Couchbase Server.
Which version do you use?

I’m using 4.5.0. Following this tutorial here: (Docker Version)

And follows this one for running analytics version:

How are you running Analytics?
Did you

  1. download the installer from the “Extensions” tab on the download page and unzip it or
  2. use the couchbasesamples/analytics-demo docker image?

I’m asking as the Analytics instance on the couchbasesamples/analytics-demo image should connect to a Couchbase Server that is installed on the same image. This is different from the Couchbase Server that you are running if you have followed (which could explain why the bucket is not found).

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I’m following the analytics tutorial and am getting something similar on Analytics Developer Preview 4 whereby at the CONNECT BUCKET step I get an authorization failure:

“Incorrect credentials or bucket beer-sample does not exist”

To resolve this I have worked out that I need to supply both a username and password to the connect bucket step for a user that has analytics access. E.g.

CONNECT BUCKET beerBucket WITH {“username”: “x”, “password”:“y”};

Hi @jlucas,

if you are running the Developer Preview 4 you should have your data nodes in the same cluster as your analytics nodes and you should not need to provide credentials when connecting to a bucket. This assumes the the connected user has the privileges to access the bucket data and the analytics service. Both are true for the administrator accounts.