Couchbase backup



I need to take backup of a couchbase bucket on my local machine (not on server) and then restore on other machine from remote machine (Local, not server). Can you please let me know my options.

  • CBBACKUP / CBRESTORE: would it work from local machine? Note: I need backup on my local machine, not on server.
  • .NET SDK: is there any option.

Custom solution: I can develop a custom solution to fetch data from one server to load into other server.


Hi @kjindal2003,

I think cbbackup / cbrestore should work. You can specify a cluster with each of them. Have you tried it? Are you having any particular issue? With cbrestore, if you are restoring to a remote machine, you may want to try incremental restores. You will also need to make sure your local machine has appropriate access to the remote machine & ports.

With .NET SDK, you could certainly write a program to read / write all the data. But unless you have a particular need to write custom code, I would start with cbbackup/cbrestore.