Couchbase bucket problem


Hi! We are trying to test couchbase bucket from couchbase server 2.2 version…but for some reason when we choose in administration UI “couchbase” type… eventually we have membase bucket? Is it bug or just community version restriction? We just trying to find out how couchbase fits our requirements! Thanx in advance!


You should be able to use a Couchbase bucket in the community version, so what you’re seeing sounds like a bug. You could try using Couchbase server 3.0 now that it’s out.


I think I know what you’re seeing. Is it that the JSON for the bucket configuration says membase? If I recall correctly, we did that intentionally to not break compatibility from Membase -> Couchbase. However, we started describing additional features in a separate part of the JSON. You should see a “bucketCapabilties” like so that describes Couchbase features.