Couchbase bucket replica number limit increase to 3



We are using couchbase server 5.1.1 community edition and we have 10 nodes in a single cluster with 5 buckets all have replicas 3.
Now, we want to increase the replica count to 5 from 3 but in bucket edit section of couchbase console it is allowing us to give only 3 replica.
We tried to update the replica count to 5 using couchbase edit bucket api:

curl -X POST -u [user]:[pwd] http://localhost:8091/pools/default/buckets/temp_v2 -d replicaNumber=4

But it gives the following response:

{“errors”:{“replicaNumber”:“Replica number larger than 3 is not supported.”},“summaries”:{“ramSummary”:{“total”:17179869184,“otherBuckets”:8589934592,“nodesCount”:10,“perNodeMegs”:1024,“thisAlloc”:8589934592,“thisUsed”:210786584,“free”:0},“hddSummary”:{“total”:313066356736,“otherData”:119421982451,“otherBuckets”:130663237,“thisUsed”:195235758,“free”:193513711048}}}

So is there any way to increase bucket replica count from its maximum limit which is 3?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey @ronak.pandya,

The maximum number of replicas supported is 3, there’s no way to increase it higher.