Couchbase build path on Windows

I have built the Couchbase binaries and it got built in “install” folder under the src folder.
I am able to run the server successfully from this path.
Now, I tried to move the “install” folder to some other location in my machine. However, Couchbase server did not start.Later, I modified default.ini to change the path to the new location, after doing this change Couchbase server starts, however I dont see the Couchbase console.
Can someone please help to list out the changes I need to make to use the same binaries from different paths? (any configs or ini that needs to be updated with the new path).


The simplest way to move the install path is to simply build it in the correct place to begin with. You can change the install directory via use of the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX cmake flag.

You can either do this manually through cmake yourself when building:

$ cd /path/to/couchbase/source
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake .. -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="C:\couchbase"
$ cmake --build .  --target install

Or you can do it through the top level Makefile:

$ cd /path/to/couchbase/source
$ make PREFIX="C:\couchbase"

You can find more info in the README of the Couchbase TLM Repository:

Thanks, Will.
I did try the above option however the build was bounded to the location where it was built.I am able to solve the above problem, by modifying the static_config, erl.ini, default.ini and capi.ini with the new path.Even after this modification, the trick that worked for me was to use fresh build.
Let me know if this is the correct way to solve this.