Couchbase Cloud YCSB

When trying to load workload a on Couchbase Cloud using YSCB (bin\ycsb load couchbase2 -s -P workloads/workloada -p*-), what hostname should I use?

Whenever I run using one of the three IP addresses listed within the connections UI, I’m presented with the following error.

WARNING: DNS Reverse Lookup of ec2---* is slow, took 4619ms

I’m still trying to get my head around some of the aspects of YCBS but have successfully ran on AtlasDB.

If anybody has any ideas/thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.


Where do you have YCSB clients hosted ? Looking at the warning message it looks like you have YCSB clients hosted on your local network - please confirm .
I suggest you to host ycsb on same aws zone as server machine to avoid network latencies . In this case - "eu-west’

Also, there is a decent documentation from aws on network setup between local network and vpc .

Thanks for coming back so quickly. You are correct, I am hosting the YCSB on my local network. Looking at the documentation, Amazon Route 53 Resolver is not available on the free tier I’m working in a present so, as you said, unless I move into the same AWS zone then I think it is a none starter.