Couchbase collections notion as new feature

I’ve heard from one of the developers at the latest Spark Summit '16 SF, that collections are coming for Couchbase Server. Searched, but could not find relevant ticket in CB’s JIRA.

When can we expect this?


We just shipped 4.5 GA this week, so we’re working on future plans at the moment. If there’s not a JIRA already, it should be there soon. Maybe @cihangirb can shed some light on this? He’s been looking after this feature.

Yes we are looking into supporting collections. it is tracked here:
would be very interested in why you’d like to see collections in Couchbase Server. Do you have a specific case. I am at if you’d like to provide feedback privately.

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It would be great to define MR Views on top of collections (partitions) instead of a whole bucket. Having the user to filter documents on each view makes it very hard to have multiple (100s of) views that scale efficiently. Additionally, having collections might simplify a lot of things from the end user point of course.


In the meantime, what is the best way to do this ?
Add an additional field and create a secondary index on it ?