Couchbase Compaction does not reduce the disk usage size

Hi Team,

Could you please help us here - We are having a bucket in production which will be receiving massive amount of data, for backing up this bucket data, as we are using Couch base community edition 5.0.1 we cannot have compressing the data while backing up the data to the folder using CBBACKUPMNGR command.

As we are trying to compact the bucket data manually after completion of compaction procedure we don’t see much reduce in size of disk usage.

The disk usage before compaction is - 2.45 GB
the disk usage after compaction is - 2.1 GB

But after compaction the disk usage size is increasing. As there is huge amount of data generated.
Could you please suggest how can we reduce the disk usage size by compacting or their is any other way or option for couchbase community edition 5.0.1 .

The database fragmentation and view fragmentation is 30%, should we increase this percentage for compaction procedure reducing the disk usage to massive amount?

Could you please provide your suggesstions.