Couchbase Index in warmup


We are using Community Edition 5.0.1 build 5003 and our indexer goes to warm-up state from ready state after a certain duration of time. Unable to replicate the scenario
On search in forums it was asked to look at indexer.log and we find below mentioned error in logs


goroutine 185 [running]:
panic(0xcbdee0, 0xc496d21ee0)
/home/couchbase/.cbdepscache/exploded/x86_64/go-1.7.3/go/src/runtime/panic.go:500 +0x1a1 fp=0xc4462c76e8 sp=0xc4462c7658

We have sufficient disk space for index
What could be the issue


Can you paste the complete stack. It is difficult to root cause by just looking at one line of the panic stack trace.

Varun (25.0 KB)

Here is the stack trace


This issue looks similar to . Looks like a rare race condition has triggered panic during recovery. The second recovery after the panic should succeed.


@srinivas, you are hitting bug Please upgrade to 5.1.3 or later release. The other bug was already part of 4.5.1 and you are on a later version.

@varun.velamuri @deepkaran.salooja : Thanks for your help guys… :smiley: much appreciated…we will move to the latest version of community edition.