Couchbase lite 2.0 Document Time To Live




I’m migrating my CBL application from CBL 1.4.1 to CBL 2.0, and in the previous version I made extensive use of the TTL property, allowing me to delete a document from a local database past a certain point.

I have failed to find this feature in the new implementation, is it still there or is there a new feature that handles this use case?


Documentation Expiration didn’t make it into 2.0 . This is being tracked for a future release.
I have linked this post to the ticket so you can chime in there as well .
In the meantime, you would have to track a “createdAt” property within each document and schedule a task that purges the expired documents . Not the most convenient


Thanks for you answer.

Sad to hear is not supported yet, good to hear it is being worked on. Thanks!


Is there any update on this feature, or potentially any way to workaround it? We have a lot of events we store in CBL that we don’t need to keep around, so the expiration is a pretty important feature.

Thank You


See Priya’s above comment for a workaround. No schedule for this feature yet.