[Couchbase lite 2.8 ee] is it possible to download associated javadoc?

Hi all,

If I download cb lite connector through maven repository central, I can download sources and javadoc with maven commands, but it’s the community edition

In our project, we will use the enterprise edition so I’ve downloaded manually the connector (jar file) and integrate it in our local repository ; but I didn’t find out how integrate the javadoc in my IDE.

Is there a way to download javadoc for javadoc couchbase lite enterprise edition ? in order to integrate it in our local repository?

We don’t distribute the Enterprise Edition via maven.

Don’t get me started on this. But them’s the rules.

If you have a local repository, You can, certainly, get it through our normal distribution channels and put it in your repo.

Actually it’s my question :slight_smile: I don’t find how to retrieve the javadoc in order to put it in our local repository (the community edition in maven central repo is in v2.8.4 and we are working on cbl v2.8.5 and I guess enterprise edition javadoc is different than the community one)

Oh my. You are right! I don’t know why that is. I will inquire as to:

  1. why the Javadoc isn’t in the distribution zip
  2. if and how I can get you a copy of the javadoc.

This is for Android, right?

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
No it’s for java (not android sdk)