Couchbase Lite Debugger [Android]


We often struggle with the issues related to sync or document/revisions in CouchbaseLite.

How we recognize that the document we have created is saved in the local database or synced with the server or not?

How to query on the local database? [ We don’t want to pull out the CBLite/SQLite file, Heavy work, Even in upcoming android versions we no longer pull the DB file from the device ]

How are the replications working internally?

The solution of all these questions are here,
Yes, I have created tools which give transparency to syncing and debug the local data. Just you need to plugin these tools once by adding dependencies, it’s an easy process.

CbLite-Viewer (to view database and query on the same, live debugging)
CbLite-Console (to debug sync)

I hope you like and I need your suggestions to improve the same.
You can post your queries in the respective repository.



Do you have plans of supporting Couchbase Lite 2.0?


Yes, I have plans. Soon, I will provide the support for 2.o.


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing with the community


Hi, thank you for your effort, can I ask when are you going to release viewer for 2.0 version?