Couchbase Lite JavaScript support


Are there any plans for providing JavaScript bindings for Couchbase Lite 2.x?


We’d like to build this, but so far there hasn’t been a decision to allocate the resources (engineering, PM, etc.) that would be needed to make it happen. Customer demand can help with that, so letting our sales/support engineers know you’re interested is a good idea.


We have published some recent tutorials that will guide you on how you can build


Thanks, those are helpful. I was more curious whether there would be a pure JavaScript library at some point which doesn’t require React or another native module/interface to access native functions of the containing OS.


There is not going to be a pure JS implementation of Couchbase Lite. That would be a very large engineering task, and we’d be back to maintaining independent source bases (as we were in 1.x.) If you want something pure-JS that can sync with Sync Gateway, look into PouchDB.


To confirm if by “pure JS library”, you meant JS API bindings for CBL that would facilitate development of cross-platform JS or hybrid apps in mobile - we are evaluating options .
But if you were in fact referring to a JS library that can be embedded within browsers based web apps , then this post may be of interest to you.


Thanks @priya.rajagopal and @jens. I’ll investigate the react route.