Couchbase.lite.mapping and datetime format

I know that Couchbase.lite.mapping is not officially supported. However, I have a question that someone may know the answer to.

The standard ISO8601 format that datetimes are mapped to in the database at the moment is:


However, the format used at the server end in the solution that I integrate up to is:


I.e. no colon in the time offset and no nano seconds.

The backend system was developed 6-7 years ago and it is not really a viable solution to change the format for all existing dates in the database…

So question is: How can I set another datetime format in the mapping plugin? I have written a little more about it here: - where I have also tried to use a custom converter without success.

The person who was making that is no longer at the company so it’s entered into a period where probably no one will look after it. Hopefully someone in the community will take it up if they need it.

I appreciate that Jim. However, I find that this initiative is such a good one for developers like myself that I would really recommend that someone with sufficient knowledge would keep it alive. It just makes using CBLite with C# so much easier!

Unfortunately, I’m not (yet) at a level where I can take over maintenance of such a project. But I’ll be glad to help in whatever way I can.