Couchbase lite parse revision problem in document update


hi, when i change device language in persian, the RevID first char use persian digit
gateway log :
2015-11-17T03:59:38.853-05:00 HTTP: #037: POST /contact/_revs_diff (as 981002)
2015-11-17T03:59:38.855-05:00 WARNING: parseRevID failed on “۵-c7a0cd837146293c602f19a482b7ba5d” – db.parseRevID() at revision.go:122
2015-11-17T03:59:38.855-05:00 HTTP+: #037: --> 200 (3.3 ms)


Hey @hrs7000,

Trying to reproduce this. How are you changing the device language?

The RevID should be kept in its default state as the revision ID is assigned automatically each time the document is saved. Every time a document is updated, it gets a different and unique revision ID.

You can read more on the Revision topic on the Couchbase Mobile Developer Portal.


thanks for your response, but your comment not help me
what you mean about how are you changing the device language? i am developer, test this in many device that current language are Persian
i think this is couchbase lite bug.


I suggest filing a bug report on github with a small test case to reproduce.