Couchbase lite release scheduled?

Is there likely to be a release of CBL any time soon? At the moment both the iOS and Android are unusable in production (for my requirements at least).

The iOS version often loses its connection to the server and never recovers. I believe its been fixed but not released yet.

And the Android version cannot cope with documents being edited. You get every version of the edited document in your views. I understand this has also been fixed, but I’ve tried the nightly builds and they’re also unusable, but for different reasons.

These are both serious bugs (IMO), and I would have thought either would merit a patch release on their own.

1.3 is nearly frozen and will be released “soon”. There will be a developer preview “really soon”. But if you’ve been using the nightly builds, those are pretty close to what the preview will be (i.e. they’re both built from the master branches.)

If you can refer to specific bugs in Github that you consider blockers, that would be helpful.

Will do.

I’ve not used the nightly iOS builds, but I’ve found the android ones to be pretty buggy. If you look at the bottom of this chain, I tried 0.0.0-710 and 0.0.0-746 - but neither of them would sync my data. Have included logs and screen shots of the debugger where I think the problem lies.