Couchbase Lite SDK for Flutter

With the great growth of Flutter, we need to have a native Couchbase Lite SDK for Flutter.

Please add this to the roadmap.

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Thanks for your input. Have you considered using our Couchbase Lite for C API and leveraging Dart.ffi ?

Can you point to evidence or numbers showing Flutter’s popularity? I’m not doubting you, but when I look at the TIOBE popularity index, Dart is at #27, well below the languages we currently support, and below JavaScript and Rust, which have been requested for years.

Today I’m using the couchbase_lite plugin for Flutter.
I think Couchbase Lite for C API with Dart.ffi is a good option, but complicated for anyone to use.

About popularity, I think that in this case we need to consider only mobile languages.
Flutter reached more than 100K stars on GitHub, passing React Native.

Other NoSQL databases like Realm already have a Dart/Flutter SDK preview version.

I’m also creating a Flutter + Couchbase App and it would be very usefull having a native SDK.

Check out

I have been working on this package at the moment and it uses the C api, and it supports windows and android. I expect to be able to add ios/macos support next year when I get a hand on a mac.
It’s not production ready yet, but it’s feature complete and it mostly only needs testing and improving memory management (eliminating leaks).

You guys are welcome to test it and contribute it.