Couchbase lite:unique user required for sg?

I wanted to ask about whats the best practice for defining users in SG?
Does each user needs to use a unique SG user or all devices can use one user to sync using the SG ?

It’s almost always a user account per person. If it’s only one Sync Gateway user, you have no way to enforce access controls for different documents, so anyone can read and modify anything. Also, the shared password to that account becomes hard to protect since it has to be hard coded into the app.

So with the use case we are working with, we do not have the requirement to restrict user access to certain documents. Is document access is the only concern, or SG has issues when the same user is used to sync data on more than 1 device ?

It’s not a problem for SG, no.

But you need to consider how you’re going to restrict access to SG. You may as well just enable guest access since you don’t need user accounts. Then you’ll have to put some kind of proxy in front of SG to restrict access so your app can connect to it but not random hackers.

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That sounds like a good idea. Thanks