Couchbase N1QL Pagination and Sorting issue



I have started using couchbase recently. I am using Spring-Data couchbase for inserting Java POJOs in Couchbase. Since, Pagination and Sorting is not supported by Spring Data Couchbase project, I have tried to use couchbase java client 2.2.0-dp2.

I have inserted 8 users where ids ranging from 1 to 8.

I have wrote following code to apply pagination and sorting.

public void test() {
        int offset = 5 * (1 - 1);
        Statement statement = select("*").from("test").where(x("_class").eq(s(""))).orderBy(Sort.asc("id")).limit(5).offset(offset);;
        Iterator<QueryRow> result = bucket.query(Query.simple(statement)).rows();

        while(result.hasNext()) {
            QueryRow doc =;
  "Document:: " + doc.value());

However, I am seeing result as below. It should be test1 to test5, though users being selected randomly. Can someone help me with that?

Document:: {“test":{"createdAt":1.443420400374E12,"firstname":"test5","_class":"","type":"User","lastname":"test5"}} 
Document:: {“test":{"createdAt":1.443420708495E12,"firstname":"test8","_class":"","type":"User","lastname":"test8"}} 
Document:: {“test:{"createdAt":1.443420386638E12,"firstname":"test2","_class":"","type":"User","lastname":"test2"}} 
Document:: {“test":{"createdAt":1.443420704104E12,"firstname":"test7","_class":"","type":"User","lastname":"test7"}} 
Document:: {“test":{"createdAt":1.443420379712E12,"firstname":"test1","_class":"","type":"User","lastname":"test1"}}