Couchbase .NET error 5000

I keep getting lots of unexplained errors when running N1QL queries on my Couchbase cluster. The current one is:

{ClientContextId: 19::20Message: Error: 5000 }

Apart from this 5000 code, there is very little information about what has gone wrong. Status: Errors; Success = false.

It is currently building an index, could that be why? Why is there no useful error information returned? This is a production cluster that can’t just have random down-time, so is there any way I can avoid this?

Cluster: I have 7 nodes in an AWS cluster. All come from the official Couchbase AMI and have swappiness set to 0 as well as all the other recommended settings.

@molexmat -

Which client version are you using? If your not on 2.2.8, I would upgrade - there was a fix for the errors list not being populated:


I am currently using 2.2.6. I’ll give 2.2.8 a go.

It is tricky because this issue doesn’t come up that often and it’s hard to reproduce.