Couchbase on Azure with Node.js


I’m planning to deploy my Couchbase server in Azure configured with custom authentication via Node.js and Passport.

In order for the node.js service to access the Admin REST Api, do I need to deploy the Node.js authentication service on the same VM as where the Couchbase Server and SG is deployed? Or can the Node.js service be deployed as a stand-alone/separate Azure Web Site component or Azure Cloud Service component?


Looks like I’ll need to deploy the node.js service on the same VM as the server and SG:

The Admin REST API is used to administer user accounts and roles. It can also be used to look at the contents of databases in superuser mode. The default port for the Admin REST API is 4985. By default, the Admin REST API is reachable only from localhost for safety reasons.


Yes indeed the port 4985 is only accessible through localhost. You can always configure some port forwarding but I am not sure you have the possibility to do this in Azure.