Couchbase on Gateway Device

I’m a Couchbase newbie and looking for some general advice on a use case.

I am designing an on-site (not cloud based) Gateway controller device which will be collecting data from IoT devices, providing APIs for local mobile devices, and sending data to the Cloud. I can use either ARM or x64 for this device and would probably be able to get 2-4GB RAM (think an Intel NUC or UpBoard). Ignoring drive space, I’m wondering if this is a good use-case for Couchbase (I’m very interested in some of its capabilities) but I’m not clear on how well it would run on lower-end hardware.

I’ve read about Couchbase Lite, but it seems that it would be taking away too many features to make it a viable option.

Any thoughts or advice?


I remember @matthew.groves built a box that put all Couchbase Component in it.


Hi @rmoore,

I tried it with some very low-end hardware with 2gb of ram. These compute sticks are meant for Netflix and a web browser, not a database server. So, I have a lot of trouble with them. I was hoping to try a version 2 with some better hardware sometime in the future.

I’d love to see what you come up with, but I’m not convinced that Couchbase Server is the best tool for this. The Couchbase Lite databases could use Sync Gateway, and the data would end up on a Couchbase Server cluster, so you could take full advantage of the Couchbase Server capabilities once the data has synced.

Someone else who has also worked with smaller, low-end hardware (for demonstration purposes) is @househippo (Fujio Turner).

I tried the Intel Nuc I could not get them to take a Linux Distro. So I went with GigaByte Machines.
I have it set up for Couchbase Mobile so I even used Raspberry PI for Sync Gateway Web Servers.
Hidden in the back is a 16 port switch.

So the set up looks like this. You might not need the Sync Gateway Accelerators in RED