Couchbase openshift operator problem

We have been running couchbase on VMs for a long time, now we are moving to openshift platform. using the couchbase operator on openshift supposed to be simple and easy. However, in a large company setting, since our team do not have openshift admin setting, so far there is nothing but simple.
We configured 4 nodes, there is one pod created and showing cluster being created. never see the other three pods coming up. did not see any other error messages, where could I find more detailed log for this to trouble shooting , or a possible resource problem. ?


Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Unfortunately, as the operator is a controller, much the same as Kubernetes’ Deployments, with the requirements for elevated privileges to create and delete resources as necessary, it’s just a fact of life that you will need some form of admin access. This is all detailed in the following guide Couchbase Operator Architecture | Couchbase Docs

As regards trouble shooting, there is limited stuff you can do yourself, as documented here View Operator Logs | Couchbase Docs. We do however highly recommend that you use the provided cbopinfo tool (cbopinfo | Couchbase Docs) as a log snippet alone rarely is enough to diagnose the issue quickly.

If you need more aid, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for the reply, It turned out that our openshift admin put in some network policy and since it is nothing to do with couchbase, therefore never notified us.
Ask if they could remove the policy just to see if that is the problem. Once the policy removed, the other three pods come up. What could I say, I still have no idea what caused the problem !