Couchbase operator reset password issue

I am trying to play around with Couchbase operator for Kubernetes. The documentation seems to be very well written, so I didn’t expect to have such an issue - all attempts to change administrator password via updating k8s secret fails with following message in operator log:

“The password must not contain control characters”

{"level":"info","ts":1658225985.0907803,"logger":"cluster","msg":"Reconciliation failed","cluster":"datascience/ds-couchbase","error":"unexpected status code: request failed POST http://ds-couchbase-0000.ds-couchbase.datascience.svc:8091/settings/web 400 Bad Request: {\"errors\":{\"password\":\"The password must not contain control characters\"}}","stack":"\n\\*Client).Post\n\\*Request).On.func1\n\\*Request).On\n\\*Cluster).initMember\n\\*Cluster).configureInitialMember\n\\*Cluster).create\n\\*Cluster).reconcile\n\\*Cluster).runReconcile\n\\*Cluster).Update\n\\*CouchbaseClusterReconciler).Reconcile\n\\*Controller).Reconcile\n\\*Controller).reconcileHandler\n\\*Controller).processNextWorkItem\n\\*Controller).Start.func2.2\n\"}

I followed the tutorial and encode password using base64 as said in Rotate the Administrator Password | Couchbase Docs. Tried to use password without special characters (which makes no sense).

Also initial creation of cluster with password different from “password” from tutorial leads to an error.

Could anyone suggest how to make it working? Thanks in advance!

Stupid error on my side - forgot to use -n while encoding admin password in base64: