Couchbase query performance


I’m using Couchbase Community Edition 3.0.1.
Suppose the database is not modified and I’m only running queries against a view.
I’m in the process of load testing the database.

The same query, with stale=false, is run simultaneously by 10 users.
In the Couchbase Console, I have a “view read per second” that goes between 7 and 8.
My internal logs shows response time of more than 1 second for each user.
When a single user is hitting the database, the response time is between 143 and 157ms.

Is it because stale=false is used and the queries are actually queued even if the database has not changed between queries ?

Thanks for your help.


Hi @omatrot,

stale=false will only kind of queue up if it leads to some actual indexing. But if your data isn’t changing that shouldn’t be the case.



Thanks for your response.
Where do I go from here to gather information that will allow me to troubleshoot the problem ?