Couchbase Query service not working on Ubuntu 14.04

I migrate a node from couchbase 3.0.1 CE to couchbase 4.1.1 CE. However, after installing the package, I don’t see any process listening on the port 8093. I see that couchbase is listening to the port 8091 and 8092.

Do you know how I could activate the query service on the node ? Is there any useful logs to troubleshooting the problem.


How did you migrate? In the update case we are not enabling a new service automatically you’ll have to do that when initialising the cluster OR when adding in a node into the cluster.

If you just have a single node the easiest is probably to make a backup of your data, reinit the server with query enabled and import the backup.

On my test server (with only one node), I migrate by removing the package of couchbase 3:
dpkg -r couchbase-server
and I installed the new package :
dpkg -i couchbase-server-community_4.1.1-ubuntu14.04_amd64.deb

I just find this similar question : Can you enable query + index service on an existing 1 node cluster?

Could you share more details on how I could reinit the server with query enabled from the API or conf file ?

In the UI, I’m not able to remove the single node.
To do it in an automatic way, should I use this API : ?

Do you have data in your buckets you need to preserve?

Well, on my test env. I don’t care of the data.

However, in the production env (3 nodes), I will need to keep the data and the cluster up during the migration. I think that in this case, I will rebalance nodes on 2 nodes and remove a node from the UI and then try to reintroduce the node with the right services.

Yes for production thats the way to go, you can do this then even without downtime. For the 1 node case just remove the package, rm -rf /opt/couchbase, install the new package and reinit your cluster.