Couchbase Query with multiple conditions where clause


I am using cbl 2.0 developer preview for android.

I am having following structure :

Doc1 => {linked_docs : [doc2,doc3]}
Doc4 => {linked_docs : [doc2,doc5]}

Without creating index, is there any way to find all docs that are linked with doc2

i.e searching in array while having only one value “doc2”

My Query looks something like
what to use when having only “doc2” other than match

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a query expression to support checking / comparing collections (e.g. ALL, ANY, EVERY, and etc). We already have the issue file for this. The ARRAY Operation APIs are also still pending. Once we have implemented the API, I will notify you here. I don’t have an exact timeline but I hope it will be soon.