Couchbase Server Community Wont install


10.10 Cant install Community Editon – or if its installed how do I know?


Hey @abigdreamer,

Can you share some more information on what you’re trying to install to? For example:

  • Operating system
  • Architecture (x32, x64, etc.)
  • What version of Couchbase Server?

Also, do you get any errors during installation? The more information the better :slight_smile:

You can quickly see if it has installed by navigating to in your web browser.



No errors
your link says – can’t find server.
10.10 Macbook Pro
Community Edition Server Installed Local
nothing happens – no errors –


Hey @abigdreamer,

I too am using a Macbook Pro with OS X 10.10. My assumption is that you’re using Couchbase Server Community Edition version 3.0.1?

To install, extract the ZIP archive that you downloaded and drag the Couchbase application file to your Mac Applications directory. Open it and you should see a Couchbase icon appear in your toolbar somewhere near the top right:

When this happens, click on that toolbar icon and choose Open Admin Console. At this point, it should open a page like the following:

If it isn’t working at this point, try doing this:

rm -Rf ~/Library/Application Support/Couchbase

That should remove everything associated with the install and let you start from scratch.

Let me know what happens :smile: