Couchbase server CPU usage is 100%


I’ve installed Couchbase 4.0.1 on Windows Server 2012 machine. The system has 8 GB memory and has 2 cores of 2.4 GHz CPU. The CPU usage of the system go beyond 90% and even reaches 100 % when the system is idle. This frequency of high CPU usage increases when read/write operations are performed on the cache. The processes which take maximum of CPU are erl.exe and memcached.exe.

Is there a way I can bring down CPU usage to below 30%?


Hi, Jainendra1807,

Thank you for using Couchbase.
Since Couchbase 4.0 brings many new services and components, it’s expected that it will need more CPU. We have a sizing guidelines here:

Is that possible that you can try this using 4 core machine?