Couchbase server failed to be installed on windows 10

I am trying to install Couchbase Server on windows 10 but I got this error :
to install Couchbase Server , the Microsoft Universal C Runtime must be installed .
This is deliverd by Microsoft via Windows Update .

I have updated my windows and still the same error
can anyone help me please ?


That check means that the file “ucrtbase.dll” does not exist on your machine in either the Windows System or Windows System64 folders (usually those are C:\Windows\SysWow64 and C:\Windows\System32 respectively). Could you execute a Find Files on your machine to see if the file “ucrtbase.dll” exists anywhere, and if so, where?

If it doesn’t exist, I’m afraid to say your Windows 10 installation is broken, as it should be included in any version of Windows 10.