Couchbase server for mac OSX 10.9 installation fails


I’m new to couch base, I’m trying to install couch base server in my Mac OSX 10.9, I downloaded the enterprise version for mac, I opened the folder and double clicked on couch base server icon, then nothing happened. I see in the console that a process was created and a new screen was attempted to open but there’s no such screen.

20/02/14 12:21:53.944 Couchbase Server[323]: Launched server task – pid = 326
20/02/14 12:22:07.756 Console[389]: setPresentationOptions called with NSApplicationPresentationFullScreen when there is no visible fullscreen window; this call will be ignored.

If I double click again in the icon or even if I try to delete the application, a message appears saying that the application is in use.

Does anybody have experienced this odd behavior? Any ideas to correctly install couch base in OSX?

I appreciate so much your help,