Couchbase Server on Travis CI




I couldn’t seem to find an example of setting up a Couchbase Server on Travis CI so I had a quick go at one here. It utilises the new container based infrastructure on Travis, so it doesn’t have sudo access - meaning I had to do a non root install.

This seems to work fine with 3.1.0, but seems to be a problem on the 4.0 beta (check out the broken-4.0 branch). Logs and crash dump are available here.




Hi @tellisnz, we have found a number of issues with the install since beta. We have fresher builds - could I get you a fresher build to try. Pls send me the platform you’d like to try - that wasn’t recorded in the logs likely due to setup not progressing far enough.


Hi @cihangirb,

According to this, they’re Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.

Happy to try a new build, flick us through the link :smile:




Got that link @cihangirb?


my apologies. could you send me a private email at for me to forward this new build?