Couchbase Server start/stop operations from TWS


We are using Couchbase Community Edition 6.0.0 build 1693 installed as non-root on RHEL server,
and starting the server as per couchbase recommendation using the following command:

./bin/couchbase-server – -noinput -detached

This working fine from the shell, however, when we invoke this command from our IBM TWS Scheduler (same user, and we check all the environment variables match), the couchbase-server script is getting stuck on the _check_inet_mode function not returning any output which means the startup script does not continue.

If we comment out the erlang command and just return false, the script continues and the Couchbase server starts but we are concerned it is not starting properly and could mask/hide other potential issues.

Anyone ever encounter this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,
Just as an update on this topic, please note we are having the same issue with the stop command. When run manually from the command line, everything seems fine, however, when run from TWS, it just hangs on the _check_inet_mode function and does not shutdown the server. We check the paths and environment variables and everything looks the same…
Any help/feedback appreciated.

Hi Greg

I know absolutely nothing about IBM TWS, so can’t help you with the issue of why fork/exec’ing erl is not working for you. _check_inet_mode figures out how to start the server with the correct babysitter name. Since you’re running community, there’s no ambiguity and it’s safe for you to assume that PROTO_DIST is not inet6_tcp - so you can comment out as it appears you are already doing. Note that this stuff has changed in 6.5 so at least you won’t run into the check_inet _mode issues there, which is not to say there won’t be some other negative interference between TWS and Couchbase Server.

Good luck!