Couchbase Server supported platforms for production


I am currently using Couchbase Server on Mac OSX El Capitan. The system is currently in development, however we will want to go into production at some point…

Looking at this page, it states that Mac OS is supported for “Developer only”.

Why is this? Is it really not possible to use Mac OS for production and what are the limitations of doing so?

Also it states that only Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 are supported. I am using El Capitan which is 10.11. Is this supported? 10.8 came out in 2012, so is quite old now.


Hi @giles,
There are limitations with a single node deployment with MacOS and Windows client OSs. Some are listed here:
Another reason is, Client OSs also are designed for front end responsiveness so performance characteristics of Couchbase Server on client OSs can be impacted by competing processes.

I assume you are using 4.0. The page you pointed our is for version 3.x. The page that lists supported platforms for 4.x is here:


Thanks Cihan. Yes we are using 4.0 so El Capitan is supported, which is a relief.

Thanks also for the link to deployment consideration/limitations page. Very useful.