Couchbase Server XDCR Problem



I’m running Couchbase Server 3.0.2 on Mac OS X Mavericks. I have one server behind a router and another that has an external IP only with no router. The server behind the router is configured so that the router uses proper port forwarding as described in:

When I set up XDCR between these servers everything works fine when replicating from the server behind the router to the server with no router, but when I try to replicate the other way from the server with no router to the server with router nothing happens. Also, when I set up the Cluster Reference to the server with the router it changes after a while to the internal IP in the router with this error message:

Updated remote cluster Cluster1 hostname to “” because old one (“”) is not part of the cluster anymore

Does someone understand why this isn’t working?


The Mac version are really meant for small demo of using MAMP and couchbase on together. No one use Mac OS version in production. Sounds like lots of your problem would be solved by simple testing CB 3.x on AWS or rackspace. Also have your App server as close as you can to your CB cluster.