Couchbase view not retrieving all infomation


Hi Friends,

I have written a simple view to emit all the documentIDs available in the Couchbase server. Below is the Map function for the view:

function (doc, meta) {
emit(, null);

It is only emitting 203 documentIDs where as Couchbase bucket contains 208200 records in it. Why is this happening, any idea how to overcome this. Kindly help me in this regard.



If you execute development view this is the expected behavior, because development view scan only subset of documents. Publish your view and you’ll get all you documents


This is indeed the case. In your Admin UI, switch from Development Views, to Production Views.

If your view is not in production, click the “Publish” link on the design document to push the view to production, in which case results will be run on the entire dataset, instead of a subset as used in Development.


Thanks for the info mate. Tried it after publishing the view and is working as expected.