Couchbase Views :: Do we need to have index service node in HA for Mapreduce Views

Hi experts,

We are having 5 node in our cluster with 2 groups for rack awareness. With 2 nodes in group a and 3 nodes in group b.

We have 4 nodes with data service and 1 node with index& query service . As of now we are not using views . While creating a new bucket we are planning to use Views .

Do we need to have 2 index service nodes for making it a HA configuration as we have only one for the index service and if it fails what will be the impact on the View which were been created.

As i understand MapReduce views are stored on the disk and The data service is responsible to handle MapReduce views referring to the below document.

Please suggest we are using couchbase 5.1 version

If you’re using Couchbase Views, you don’t need index & query service at all.
If you’re using query&index, you do need multiple nodes with those services for HA.

Thanks Keshav, for the information, also if you could confirm , i have heard by someone that map reduce views are going to get discontinued in the newer couchbase version . Can anyone please confirm so that we can take a decision to use or not the map reduce views?

Its quite urgent can someone please reply on this thanks

Anyone any update on this?

Hi @mohdafzal.786, map reduce views have some programmable indexing use cases that aren’t currently solvable using other Couchbase services. So they continue to be supported. Having said that one should look at if query&index are a better choice in terms of suitability and scalability of the use case at hand.

@jeelan.poola does that mean that in future couchbase is planning to discontinue with the map reduce views ? and with which version?

@mohdafzal.786, There are no plans to discontinue Views in near future. They continue to be supported. It is still a good idea to consider query&index purely from scalability perspective for any indexing use case.