Couchbase Web Console Access to browse Documents


Is there any pre-defined role in Couch base 5.0 that can allow users with read only privilege to browse/edit “documents” in buckets.

I see that currently only users who have bucket admin level access can do this. I have some users with query_update, query_insert, query_delete and query_select permissions that need the ability to browse and edit data sometimes. I suggested them to use N1QL but they would prefer something more easier. Is there something (with lesser privilege) that can quickly allow users to change something via GUI instead.


Bucket Full Access (not Bucket Admin) along with one of the query roles lets you log in and edit documents.

The interaction of the settings is a little obscure. This doesn’t seem to me to give particularly sensitive privileges beyond what you’re describing, but you should check this thoroughly yourself.


Hi @chetan,

Do you want the limited users to have access via the web GUI? Or via an SDK?

For release 5.0, a user needs “Bucket Full Access[*]” to use the document browser/editor in the GUI. Alternately, if they have “Query Select” and “Query Update”, they can use the N1QL Query GUI to view and modify documents using N1QL queries.

For release 5.5, if you want users that can log in to the GUI and browse and edit documents, it is sufficient to have, “Query Select[]", "Data Writer[]”, and “Data Reader[*]”.

If they don’t need the GUI, you can do away with “Query Select[*]”.


Thanks @hod.greeley and @eben

I wanted to allow some users to edit documents from the GUI but the access needs to be restricted to modifying data only.

I went through the documentation on these roles and did some testing as well . I realized the same as @eben mentioned i.e. in 5.1 version, query_insert, query_update and query_delete roles do not have console access. Bucket Full Access is something I was trying to avoid. Since the user requirement is temporary, I allowed them Full access for some time.

Glad to know that 5.5 would solve my requirement.