CouchbaseLite 3.0, Swift, Indexing array in where condition

Hello I have one question about indexing array in subquery, in where condition. Basicly I want just first element of array Array[0] in where condition.

"SELECT META().id FROM database 
WHERE ANY object in Objects[0] 
SATISFIES (object.isObject = false OR object.finalObject.isObject = false) END AND (Type = \'type\')"

There can be lot of Objects in array but i need just that first one.
Is that possible in couchbaselite 3.0 ?
Thanks for answers.

EDIT: I want replace WHERE ANY with WHERE FIRST. But I don’t know if its possible

@RomYk97 Does adding the clause “LIMIT 1” satisfy your need?

Hello, no I need all MainObjects which has array with another objects [Objects][0] and i need to compare just first element of this property. But MainObjects can be more than 1