CouchbaseNetClient 2.0+: Sliding Expiration (Get with TimeSpan)

We’re in the middle of upgrading to the CouchbaseNetClient 2.0. We have as of yet to discover how to perform the sliding expiration like in the previous API where you could pass an expiration in the get to extend the expiration of an item.

Is this implemented in the current CoucbaseNetClient 2.0?


Get with expiration is planned for 2.1.0. Here is a ticket for tracking:



@jmorris Thanks! Do you guys have an projected time frame when 2.1.0 will be released?


@radleta -

It’s planned for next month (April 2015) assuming everything goes as expected :smile:

This week 2.0.3 will be released and were working on 2.1.0 already. We have some major improvements planned, esp. async/await support which from profiling looks to be much in terms of performance.



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