CouchNode and attachments

I have a mobile app based on PhoneGap and Couchbase server. Now I want to extract some information for a website and, in particular, show images stored in the buckets from the mobile app.
How can I retrieve such images?
Using CouchNode:

db.get(, function(err, result) {
    if (err) {
		// Failed to retrieve key
    } else {
	    var doc = result.value;

I only get this:

"_attachments": {
    "image": {
        "content_type": "image/jpeg",
        "digest": "sha1-paOMVTB9eVTf5xAt9pYUfiMc/ss=",
        "length": 897725,
        "revpos": 3,
        "stub": true
"_sync": {
    "rev": "3-749b8a86a63e7b3661c568aac5e9ab96",

Then what? How to show the image or get the URL to the image?

Hi luca,

Can you show use a sample of code when you record this image into the bucket ?

The image is stored by the mobile apps, not by the Node app. So it goes through sync_gateway and gets stored.
Anyway the code in Cordova/JS is this:

var reader = new FileReader();
reader.onloadend = function(evt) {
	var imageStr =
	var content_type=imageStr.substring(imageStr.lastIndexOf("data:")+5,imageStr.lastIndexOf(";base64,"));
	var data=imageStr.substring(imageStr.lastIndexOf(";base64,")+8);
  	var attachment = {
		content_type : content_type,
        data : data
	var doc = angular.copy(base_doc)
	doc._attachments.image = attachment
	CouchBase.saveItem(doc).then(function(saveImage) {
	}, function(error) {
		console.log("saveImage Error",error);

I am checking and probably the best way to retrieve the image content is through the REST API of sync gateway.
What do you think?

Confirmed. The image can be retrieved through a GET request to the sync_gateway:
Sync_Gateway documentation