Couchone not accessible from Europe?



I’m working on an integration with an app that uses Couchone to store its data. My service needs to access a ~1Mb JSON file before parsing it and storing its contents and I found out that it was constantly failing actually connecting to the server. I then tried to access the URL in multiple browsers, curl and wget. Occasionally I would retrieve the entire dataset, sometimes a partial dataset but would mostly get HTTP errors. The most common error from curl is:

curl: (52) Empty reply from server

It looks like couchone heavily relies on a CDN to deliver its contents, so I tried using a VPN connected to a US server. I was just a tad more lucky but not by a large margin.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you for reading this,



The services at are not provided by Couchbase. You’ll want to get in touch with IrisCouch. Good luck!


Oh sorry for the noise. Thanks!