Creating bucket backup workload on system

I have a Couchbase instance running as container. We need to create backup for a bucket and I’m thinking on exporting it by cbexport.

The thing is that the bucket has 3M documents and it’s size is approximately 2GBs and I’m not sure if it’s going to be easy for CPU and RAM to export that data or is it too much to handle.

Is it too much to work with for a system? Or is there a better way to create a backup from one system and restore another one with it?


What version of Couchbase are you using?


Hi Aaron,

It’s Couchbase Community 7.0

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Have you looked at cbbackupmgr which is also included in Community Edition, with some minor limitations:

Outside of that a container is complex thing as CPU and disk hardware will greatly differ and thus how long it could take to use cbexport could differ. I recommend looking at cbbackupmgr as it’s designed for this and if you decide to use cbexport - look into cloning your container to another place that you can use to test performance in using cbexport.