CSG: Is XATTRs recommended for being future proof?

I have a legacy application that uses CSG and CB without shared bucket access. As I understand, this means that CSG sync data is not stored in XATTRs but in the doc itself. As my server appliation never modifies any data using CB directly but performs all changes using CSG, I don’t need shared bucket access or XATTRs. My question is now whether I should migrate nevertheless:

  • Will non-shared bucket access be supported by future versions of CSG / CB, or is shared bucket access with XATTRs the future proof way of storing data?
  • Is there any other disadvantage of not using XATTRs (e.g. performance-wise)?

Yes, we would strongly recommend moving to shared bucket access. This is the future proof way. We will be deprecating and eventually removing support for non-shared bucket access in the future.