Data flow between CB and CBL




We’re currently developing an application using Xamarin and CBL.

We also have an administration page and a REST API. Our users will be able to create new records in all three ways (i.e. via the xamarin application, the admin page or the REST API).

How will records created in Couchbase Server, for example by our REST API , synchronize to the CBL in our Xamarin Application? Will this be automatically?

Our users must be able to access data created in whichever way - so all data must be synchronzied.



Hi @Marcus01,

If you are using Sync Gateway (here’s a link for more info), then the answer is yes! If you have more questions about Mobile (Couchbase Lite + Sync Gateway), you might want to check out the mobile forum:


Thank you, @matthew.groves. Yes, we are using your SGW as well.

What are your recommendations for browsing/reading tabular data in the web administration? Should every request go through the SGW or should we use query CB server directely for maximizing performance in this case?



Probably best to use Couchbase Server directly for the “backend” application that you’re describing. But again, you might want to ask that in the Mobile forum for more information.



Can you shed some light on this?


Make sure to use Server 5 and Sync Gateway 2 — then you can modify documents through Server SDKs, SG, or mobile apps, and everything will just work.


That sounds promising!
This means I can use my CB .Net SDK and perform N1QL queries on the server, and it gets synchronized to my CBL clients? We’re using server 5 and SGW 2.