Data migration : is there a tool similar to Flyway or Liquibase for Couchbase?



We are at a state in our application development where we will want to update several documents at the same time when we deploy a new version of our application.

Example of typical migration, let’s imagine we have several customer documents:

  type: CUSTOMER
  name: Alfred Hitchcock

Now the new version of our application needs to know the first and last name of our customer, so we need to create those fields:

  type: CUSTOMER
  name: {
    firstName: Alfred,
    lastName: Hitchcock

If we already have thousands of customers saved in our DB, that means that we need to decide on a migration strategy. What options are available for Couchbase? In the Java SQL world we’d use Flyway or Liquibase to keep track of migration scripts, is there something similar for Couchbase?


There is no tool that I am aware of that allow similar functionalities as Liquibase or Flyway. You would have to come up with a migration strategy yourself, either as a N1QL query or application code.


Looking for the same tool now. If someone has already had such tool, please share


@vit, I’ve heard about but never used Couchmove.


Tried it. It works fine.


Sorry for revamping this thread, but we do have a tool for it now