Data Missing 6.5 CE to 7.1 CE

We had a 3 node cluster of 6.5 CE in Prod which had backup restore issue due to bug in 6.5 (Partial restore using cbrestore - #2 by Carlos_Gonzalez)

We upgraded to 7.1 node by Swap Rebalance 1 node at a time. But after removal of last 6.5 version node from the cluster we now have data loss on 2 buckets.

Any suggestion on how can we get the missing data.

Refer to MB-42967 which is indicated in the 6.5 issue that you reference. It sounds like cbbackupmgr restore does not have that issue.

We have 6.5 on CE so only cbbackup works. How do we restore a backup taken using cbbackup with cbbackupmgr ?

@mreiche Can you let us know how can we restore with cbbackupmgr when backup is taken with cbbackup.